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Manufacturing Experts in Specialty Coating and Converting Since 1939.

Shawsheen Coating & Converting

Shawsheen Coating and Converting (SC&C) has been an industry leader in creating durable, effective pressure-sensitive adhesive coated materials for over 25 years, and has been in business for over 75 years making a variety of adhesive coated products. Shawsheen today provides customer-centric products and services in the Ophthalmic, Construction, Embroidery, and Industrial Markets. SC&C works with solvent-based adhesive constructions made from natural rubber, as well as water-based and adhesives not made with natural rubber latex. We have decades of experience in developing custom fabric constructions to meet the needs of our customers.

SC&C has built its success and reputation on listening to and adapting to our customer's needs as they evolve, and we look forward to continuing collaboration in the future.

Coating & Converting Case Studies

Shawsheen Coating and Converting has spent decades improving on its products to create products with consistent industry-leading performance. Because our customers face ever-evolving business and product requirements, Shawsheen Coating and Converting has a deep commitment to working with our customers - old and new - to improve on our existing product line and create new products to meet new customer needs. We recognize that our success is based on that of our customers, and have an extensive track record of collaboration.

Click here to view examples of Shawsheen Coating and Converting Innovations and Improvements on our Case Studies Page. Read More

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