Experience and VersatilityWe have experience with a wide variety of substrates, and are able to bring new R&D opportunities to production-ready status quickly, working closely with our customers. We work with web widths up to 66"
Substrate Types
  • Felts
  • Films of any composition (such as Polyester, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Vinyl)
  • Foams
  • Flocked Fabrics
  • Paper – Machine Finished, Saturated, Embossed
  • Non-Woven Materials
  • Release Liners – wide variety of paper and film liners
  • Textiles – Woven & Knit
  • Tissue
  • Stretch Fabrics and Materials – lengthwise or sideways stretch
Substrate Ranges:
  • Direct Coating applications
  • Basis Weight 1.5 - 20+ oz./sqyd.
  • Thickness 1.5 - 20+ mL.
  • Minimum Tensile 12 lbs./in.
  • Transfer Coating applications
  • Basis Weight 0.3+ oz./sqyd.
  • Thickness 0.25+ mL.
  • Minimum Tensile 7 lbs./in.

Coating Capabilities

Commission and Toll Coating Services Shawsheen will commission or toll coat your products. Depending on your needs, you can supply all your raw materials, or hire Shawsheen to use its established sourcing network to acquire materials. In addition, we will rewind or slit your coated products to your specifications. We can work with Coat Widths up to 65”
Coating Characteristics
  • Pressure Sensitive, Water Activated, Heat Activated
  • Adhesive, Cohesive, Barrier, Non-Fray, Etc.
  • Solvent or Water based formulas
  • Natural Rubber, Synthetic Rubber, Acrylic and Urethane Polymers
  • Removable/Repositionable to Permanent PSA formulas
  • Viscosity Range – 2,500 to 750,000 cps
  • Low to heavy deposits:
  • By Thickness - 0.5 to 5.0 mLs;
  • By Weight - 0.5 oz. to 5 oz. per sqyd.
Coating Methods
  • Knife over Rubber Roll
  • Knife over Steel Roll
  • Direct Coat
  • Transfer Coat


Converting (Including Rewinding, Slitting Services) Shawsheen runs a complete converting operation, including rewinding capabilities in center, center-surface, or surface orientations. We also operate razor and single knife slitting equipment for further converting and finishing of products.
Coating Characteristics
  • Maximum Converting width: 64”
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 36”
Commission or Toll Slitting
  • Shawsheen will work with you for toll rewinding and slitting services.


Design Services Shawsheen’s experience with a variety of coatings (pressure sensitive adhesives, cohesives, solvent based and water based) and coating techniques makes us uniquely qualified to provide you product design assistance. We evaluate the critical aspects of your application, work directly with suppliers and help you design high quality, cost effective product.
Other Capabilities
  • In-line Corona Treating
  • Adhesive application temperature control
  • Mixing and application of 2 Part Adhesive formulas

Environmental Strength Above And Beyond Requirements

Our Thermal Oxidizer permits use of a wide range of solvent based formulas with 99.9% VOC destruction rate