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Arrowhead Athletics

Arrowhead Athletics has produced premium-grade athletic tape products for over 30 years. We sell direct to consumers from our manufacturing facility, as well as to retailers and distributors. We offer cotton and poly cotton blended, adhesive and cohesive coated rigid and stretch tapes, and expand our product line every year. We also make light-weight foam prewrap in a wide variety of colors. Our products are used in almost every sport imaginable, as well as performance arts such as stage, theater, opera, and costuming. We also create and sell latex-free tapes.

From porous adhesive technology to cohesive (self-adhering) tapes and more, Arrowhead Athletics is committed to helping athletes and performers work at the top of their game. Visit our online store at

Arrowhead Case Studies

Arrowhead Athletics has been designing and manufacturing tape and adhesive systems used by athletes and performers for over 30 years. Over that time, we have had customers, trainers, and athletes approach us with questions about new products, product improvements, and modifications to our tapes to fit new requirements. We take pride in stepping up to meet these challenges, and will continue to do so to help improve performance and meet the needs of our customers as they change over time.

Click here to view examples of Arrowhead Innovations and Improvements on our Case Studies Page. Read More

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